In addition to appealing to mobile users, law firms with mobile responsive websites can increase their exposure in numerous ways. For example, Lowry & Associates lists every client in its mobile directory and in a mobile app called iSeekLaw. These measures help firms increase contact with local clients who conduct mobile searches. We also create branded mobile apps that let firms connect with new clients and improve retention. Firms with mobile responsive websites can also employ various mobile marketing strategies. These include text marketing, which generates leads among existing clients, and mobile display advertisements, which identify nearby potential clients and offer deals that drive conversion.

All of these marketing strategies are technically available to law firms with websites that are not mobile responsive. However, given the tendency of mobile users to reject websites that do not offer a convenient browsing experience, these methods are less likely to benefit these firms. Lowry & Associates and our partners can assist these firms in becoming more appealing to mobile users and tapping into any of these marketing strategies.