Creating listings or claiming existing listings in local directories and maps is an important step toward improving your visibility. You should see the best results if your firm is listed in Google, Bing and Yahoo maps. Your listings should include all of the areas that your firm serves, and if you specialize in an unusual niche, you should consider targeting nearby cities as well.

You should also take time to clean up your listings. Confusing or misleading listings are bad for business, even if you weren’t responsible for creating those listings. One survey suggests that nearly three out of four customers stop trusting a business if its online listings are inaccurate. When looking over your listings, make sure that you also delete any duplicates.

Finally, to ensure that your listings bring clients in, you need to seriously focus on reputation marketing. Besides addressing complaints, you should work on proactively developing a positive reputation. Write blogs that provide useful information and demonstrate your expertise. Create opportunities for past or potential clients to interact with you. These measures can help you brand your firm as a trusted and reliable source.